If not wood, then what?

Letter by Bob Brash, Executive Director, Truck Loggers Association
Prince George Citizen
August 30, 2022
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada

Bob Brash

In Mark Nielsen’s August 25 article, “Action on Forest Practices Board recommendations lagging, says Conservation North,” an environmental advocacy group suggests ecosystems in the Prince George TSA are “on the brink of collapse” and are at-risk because of industrial logging.  We recognize that British Columbians are passionate about protecting biodiverse areas and at-risk, old-growth forests and we share that passion, but it’s time to stop retreating to an over-simplified yes or no, black or white, to-log-or-not-log argument. Timber harvesting is not and should not be distilled down to a simplistic one-answer proposition. At best, it’s very complex, but there are many viable options to find a balance and address forestry issues that are better than the apparent yes or no path those who are opposed to our sector have embarked on along with many environmental advocacy groups continuing to offer “no” as a definitive solution.

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