RAPID CITY, S.D. – The Palmer Gulch fire is a good reminder that wildfires aren’t limited to the summer. And, while wildfires can be devastating, there is also some good that can come from them.  Usually, a wildfire refers to an uncontrolled fire, but according to National Geographic, “the term ‘wildland fire’ is broader and includes fires purposefully set as part of prescribed burns.” All fires have the possibility of becoming dangerous.  But for many ecosystems, these periodic fires help by clearing out dead organic materials that have built up on the ground over time that, once burned, release helpful nutrients into the ground.  “Nitrogen is a really big one released into the soil. And one of the really nice things about what this fire can do is that it’ll remove a lot of that duff and needle cast build-up,” said Brian Rafferty, Palmer Gulch Wildfire planning section chief.