In Canada’s boreal forest, one man works to save caribou

By Diane Desobeau and Marion Thibaut
November 14, 2022
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada East

QUEBEC — Even though he lives in the middle of Canada’s boreal forest, Jean-Luc Kanape can sometimes go weeks without seeing a single caribou. …The caribou is a symbol of the power of the subarctic boreal forest, but also the beating heart of Canada’s Indigenous culture. But the broad-snouted deer is “at risk,” Kanape says, notably because of the loss of its natural habitat. In Quebec province, the animal’s future is threatened by the lumber industry, which is crucial in some areas, providing 60,000 jobs, but which also contributes to mass deforestation. …Recent data suggests that caribous, which are called reindeer in Europe, have a better chance of survival if at least 65 percent of their living habitat is preserved. But in this part of Canada, roughly 80 percent of their habitat has been disturbed in some way. 

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