In the fight against logging, conspiracy takes the (profitable) reins

By Kate Lindroos Conlin, Society for Forest Stewardship
The Greenfield Recorder
January 16, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US East

The Massachusetts-based Partnership for Policy Integrity has been a vocal opponent of wood harvesting on public lands. They believe that ceasing to harvest wood would “expand our natural forests’ ability to store carbon.” This, of course, assumes that our forests are healthy (not plagued by pests or diseases, are diverse and resilient) and natural (not planted or otherwise influenced by intensive human land use both historic and present-day). It would seem that an organization with the word Integrity in its title wouldn’t accept money from a billionaire like Fred Stanback, who is known to support anti-immigrant hate groups, but greed comes in all forms. …Ironically, what these profitable anti-forestry organizations have in common is reliance on a narrative that places all evilness on the boogeyman of “industry” and thus conversely honors their own disciples with a manufactured morality built solely from notions of identity and opposition. 

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