In the line of fire: Nelson’s wildland urban interface still needs attention: Blackwell

By Timothy Schafer
The Nelson Daily
July 5, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

NELSON, BC — A significant piece of Nelson’s wildland urban interface has a moderate wildfire behaviour threat or higher, according to a new community wildfire resiliency plan written for the Heritage city. Around 15 per cent of the wildland — a one-kilometre wide section of the forest around the city — is subject to the threat of wildfire behaviour, the report by Bruce Blackwell and Associates and John Cathro warned. “This, along with other analyses presented and discussed throughout the document, indicate that wildfire is a real threat to Nelson and its wildland urban interface,” Blackwell wrote. Nelson has begun planning and preparing for a wildfire emergency, he added, but should refer to the community wildland resiliency plan (CWRP) on how to continue this process effectively. …Last year, changes to the format of the CWPP places more emphasis on resilience and preparedness.

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