Industry has a ‘complete void of basic knowledge’ on carbon footprints

By Grant Cameron
Daily Commercial News
May 26, 2023
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: Canada

…A recent roundtable of panellists and leaders from various sectors of the construction industry gathered to focus on tactical ways to eliminate carbon emissions. “90 per cent of your footprint is the embodied carbon of the materials that you put in place on jobsites,” explained moderator Tim Coldwell, president of Chandos Construction. “Most sub and general contractors don’t understand the concept of embodied carbon.” …The roundtable hosted panellists and industry leaders to discuss how to eliminate carbon emissions related to the selection of building materials, the supply of the construction elements, the movement of personnel and management of waste from an energy and carbon use perspective. …For example, the wood industry often claims negative embodied carbon because it is stored in the timber. However, Coldwell maintains that’s nonsense because eventually when a structure is demolished and the wood is sent to landfills or is burned, the carbon that was stored gets released.

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