Innovations in Fire & Explosion Protection

By Keith Loria
Biomass Magazine
May 18, 2023
Category: Health & Safety
Region: United States

Improvements and innovations in fire and explosion protection have come at a steady pace in recent years. Pellet Mill Magazine spoke with five experts about the latest innovative products: Jeramy Slaunwhite for Rembe; David Grandaw for IEP Technologies; Allen Wagoner of FLAMEX; Jason Krbec for CV Technology; and Eric Peterson of Fagus GreCon.

  • Slaunwhite: The development and refinement of flame-arresting technology has provided feasible explosion protection.
  • Krbec: The most significant innovation is the more cost-effective and advanced design isolation systems, specifically explosion. isolation systems for the inlet lines to dust collectors and also the clean air exhaust return lines from dust collectors. 
  • Grandaw: The electromechanical suppressor used for active explosion suppression and isolation systems. 
  • Peterson: As everything gets a little more technically advanced, having things become more intelligent and smarter on their own.
  • Wagoner: We introduced the FLAMEX Spark Detection and Extinguishing System in 1977.

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