Innovative construction is getting codes to match

By Leah Draffen
Builder Online
May 25, 2023
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: United States

In the realm of off-site and modular construction, knowledge of building codes and standards can understandably be confusing. How does an inspector confirm proper compliance when completed modules arrive on-site? What’s inside those walls or panels? That’s where the International Code Council (ICC) steps in, creating clear guidelines for the bustling and hopeful building sector. “Codes are not scary things that keep us in the past,” says Ryan Colker, ICC vice president of innovation. …Colker identifies emerging issues in the industry as well as how new construction technologies can modernize building regulations. He also works on solutions in energy efficiency, sustainability, and decarbonization—all which mesh closely with off-site and modular construction. Currently, Colker is seeing many new products in the sustainability front, including bio-based materials and a greater shift toward off-site construction to overcome labor shortages by limiting workforce needs.

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