Invasive insect discovered in southern Ontario could pose risk for hemlock trees

By Tyler Griffin
Canadian Press in CBC News
September 5, 2022
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada East

Researchers have discovered an invasive insect infestation near Cobourg, Ont., which they say could have a detrimental effect on hemlock trees essential to their ecosystems and used in certain wood products. Scientists with Natural Resources Canada’s Canadian Forest Service accidentally discovered the outbreak of hemlock woolly adelgid, which they say had gone undetected for some time, this summer while collecting data on hemlock trees in southern Ontario. Chris MacQuarrie, a research scientist with Natural Resources Canada, says the Cobourg finding is concerning because it’s much deeper in Ontario than the only other known active population of the species in the Niagara region. “That’s hundreds of kilometres away from other places where we know the insect is,” said MacQuarrie. “We think it’s been there for quite a while because it was fairly large and rather easy to see, and it has already started to kill trees.”

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