Is Ottawa being deceptive about the carbon emissions from logging? Critics say yes

By Marco Chown Oved
The Toronto Star
November 2, 2022
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: Canada

….In a letter to Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault and Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson to be delivered Wednesday, the groups said they were concerned that official federal emissions numbers put logging emissions below net zero, while an independent analysis says they’re actually on par with Alberta oilsands production.   “We have to stop pretending that we’re getting ahead on climate change by using industrial logging,” said Jay Ritchlin, nature director at the David Suzuki Foundation, and a signatory of the letter. “There needs to be revision of the way we count the carbon emissions from forestry.” …The government does not produce a simple number for the emissions from logging in its official accounting of GHG emissions.  …Counting in this way lets the logging industry take credit for the carbon sequestration performed by trees that regrew naturally after forest fires without any human intervention.

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