It’s time to resolve carbon forest conflicts

By Dean Baigent-Mercer, Forest & Bird
November 16, 2022
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: International

Dean Baigent-Mercer

Forestry is back in the spotlight. After years of being on the margins, forestry has come full-circle and is again at the heart of discussions about New Zealand’s future. Why? Because of climate change and biodiversity. The opportunity is exciting but there are issues to resolve. A key question is native versus exotic forestry carbon sinks.  The world risks overshooting its climate change targets.  …New Zealand forestry has been quick to act and respond. New Zealand has gone down the pine forest carbon storage route as a relatively fast and cheap way to store carbon.  But it’s clear that this is no longer a viable path. The Climate Change Commission has advised that we must stop relying on pines to store carbon and instead rely on permanent carbon sinks in native forests.  Pine planting may appeal in the short term, but a large blaze can release a carbon bomb.

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