Lack of Progress on Deforestation Puts Net-Zero Targets at Risk, Study Says

By Ed Ballard
The Wall Street Journal
June 28, 2022
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: United States

Many big companies working in agriculture and other sectors that drive deforestation won’t hit their climate targets without immediate action to protect forests, according to a new study. Commissioned by the UN-affiliated Race to Zero climate campaign, the study analyzed the environmental programs of 350 companies in the forestry, land use and agriculture sectors. It found that 148 of those companies have committed to net zero but judged that only nine were making strong progress on curbing deforestation. …The companies deemed to be making the most progress largely come from the consumer-goods sector. …The starting point for the analysis was the Forest 500 list, which aims to identify the 350 companies with the most influence on tropical deforestation and the 150 financial institutions that provide the most financing to them. [to access the full story a WSJ subscription is required]

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