Logging body claims protests against New South Wale’s native forestry are ‘misguided’

By Branko Miletic
Architecture and Design Australia
October 25, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: International

AUSTRALIA – Amidst growing protests against native forestry in New South Wales (NSW) by environmentalists, the state’s timber industry is facing a major disruption, with Timber NSW expressing concerns about increased regulatory controls that could impact timber production.  According to Timber NSW, which represents the timber and forest products industry in New South Wales, the hardwoods of the state, a product of native forestry, are unique in both appearance and performance, express the country of their origin, and are a sustainable, renewable, and recyclable resource.  However, the industry group says that ongoing environmental protests and media reports, which Timber NSW calls ‘misinformed’ and ‘misguided’, may compel the Minns Government in NSW to follow Victoria and Western Australia in closing public native forestry. The timber industry’s fears were reinforced by the recent action of the NSW Government in stopping timber harvesting operations in the areas being assessed for the Great Koala National Park.

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