Mackenzie annual allowable cut reduced, policy the real problem says Mayor

By Caden Fanshaw
May 25, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

MACKENZIE — After lengthy consultations the Annual Allowable Cut (AAC) for the Mackenzie Timber Supply Area was released in early May resulting in a 20% reduction of available fibre, not a surprise according to the Mayor of Mackenzie Joan Atkinson. …The longtime Mayor argues the issue in BC is not fibre supply in some areas, it is forestry policy. According to stats provided by the District of Mackenzie roughly two-thirds of the AAC will be rolled down the highway away from the community. …Pre-2003 when appurtenancy was still law in BC, forestry companies had logs tied to local communities. When that clause was thrown out, it opened the door to the situation we have now. The BC Liberal government of the day was the one behind the move, one now brought to the forefront 20 years later.

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