Madison County approves moratorium on biomass facilities

By Taylor Thompson
ABC News 13
November 16, 2022
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: United States, US East

Madison County commissioners voted unanimously Wednesday to establish a moratorium on biomass facilities in the area. Clear Sky Madison president Jim Tibbetts said county leaders decided after speaking with community residents that they needed to have biomass rules written into the county’s land use ordinance to be able to better regulate the facilities, which manufacture wood pellets for export. Tibbetts said such facilities can process hundreds of thousands of tons of wood a year. The county’s planning board recommended the moratorium to commissioners. Tibbetts thinks the planning board did a great job listening to the community’s concerns. He said the moratorium was necessary because most people don’t know what biomass facilities are. “They use hundreds of thousands of tons of wood a year, and it’s not always waste wood. They cut down trees. And there’s very little enforcement of this. So we, arguably, lose our forest,” Tibbetts said.

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