Mass timber plays a role in the scalability of ‘towers of tomorrow’

By Phil Greany
February 6, 2023
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: United States

Downtowns have a future, and that’s why like-minded architects, builders, and engineers are currently designing a resilient tower typology that reimagines the built environment. Together, B+H Architects, Mortenson, Coffman Engineers, and Robert Bird Group are developing neutral healthy towers that will innovatively adapt to unforeseen changes – like the pandemic – and elevate occupier experiences. …Single-use buildings are vulnerable to major economic shifts or world catastrophes, whereas buildings that can be easily reconstructed for new, diverse uses are inherently more valuable to investors and developers. …Mass timber plays an essential role in the scalability of neutral towers. Highly componentized ring formations comprised of mass timber, concrete, and steel allow project teams to scale towers to any size. Smaller buildings do not require hybridization and can solely rely on mass timber. According to the Softwood Lumber Board, “Mass timber buildings are roughly 25 percent faster to construct.”

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