Metsä Group getting ready to start up new pulp mill in Kemi, Finland

By Igor Dugandzic
EUWID Pulp and Paper
September 5, 2023
Category: Business & Politics
Region: International

KEMI, Finland — Metsä Group is getting ready to start up its new pulp mill in Kemi and increase kraftliner capacity at the adjacent paper mill by the end of September. The Kemi mill is currently preparing for a “maintenance and connection shutdown on 10 September and the aim is to start up the mills on 20 September 2023. During the shutdown, the existing 620,000 tpy Kemi pulp mill will be permantently idled. …The new Kemi bioproduct mill will produce some 1.5 million tpy of softwood and hardwood pulp, increasing Kemi’s pulp capacity by almost 900,000 tpy. The facility will also generate 2 TWh of renewable electricity. …At the Kemi paperboard mill, Metsä can produce 425,000 tpy of white-top kraftliner. 

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