Michigan State University to co-lead workshop on climate solutions through biobased products

By Kelly Kussmaul and Lauren Noel
Michigan State University
May 16, 2023
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: United States, US East

EAST LANSING, Michigan. – Researchers and leaders of government and industry from Finland, Michigan, Maine, Washington and other states will gather in Helsinki, Finland, on May 26, for a unique set of workshops focused on biobased forestry products. Attendees from across the United States and Europe will advance climate change solutions by considering the unique ways in which the full cycle of forestry products can facilitate carbon storage and the displacement of greenhouse gas emissions. …“This is an excellent opportunity for us to discuss and plan submission of collaborative proposals to the European Union or federal agencies in the U.S., or to form and lead industry-funded consortia,” said Mojgan Nejad, at Michigan State University. “I am very excited to facilitate a session on lignin valorization that will allow me to collaborate closely with world-renowned lignin scientists.”

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