MLA John Rustad says he has “no animosity” toward BC Liberal Party after ouster

Canadian Press in the Coast Reporter
August 20, 2022
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, Canada West

John Rustad

VICTORIA — A British Columbia MLA says he holds no animosity toward the BC Liberal Party or its leader after being ousted from its caucus earlier this week.  John Rustad, who represents Nechako Lakes in central B.C., was removed after he retweeted comments that questioned the role of carbon dioxide in climate change.  In a statement posted to Twitter, Rustad says he believes in climate change and is worried about the effect it will have on future generations, but refuses to “support policies brought forward by environmental elitists to punish everyday British Columbians and families who are already dealing with out of control inflation.” …”I got into politics to help people and I will never support policies which hurt everyday people and families,” Rustad said in the statement posted to Twitter Thursday.

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