‘More responsible forest management is needed’: Kim Carstensen

By Hans Nicholas
August 31, 2022
Category: Forestry
Region: International

Kim Carstensen

The Forest Stewardship Council is widely considered the gold standard for certifying sustainable forest use, but has frequently been criticized for failing to uphold the standards that it touts. Kim Carstensen, the FSC’s director-general, says some of the complaints have a basis, and that while the FSC will never be the perfect system in everyone’s view, it’s still “the best that can be done” and “provides the basis for a lot of opportunities to be created.” In an interview with Mongabay, Carstensen discusses long-awaited updates to the FSC’s rules, how to deal with problematic member companies, and why certification should be more than just a logo. …What new changes can we expect? Kim Carstensen: “New rules about forest conversion, around the policy for association [joining the FSC] where conversion is one of the unacceptable activities. And a new policy that we call the policy to address conversion.”

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