Mother and calf doing well: maternity unit gives Canada’s caribou a boost

By Leyland Cecco
The Guardian UK
September 8, 2022
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

In a cramped cabin in western Canada, Starr Gauthier’s mornings begin with a comforting routine. …Gauthier, a member of the Saulteau First Nation in BC, is part of an Indigenous-led effort that has saved a caribou herd from destruction. The group’s success in using a carefully guarded maternity pen has become an example for Indigenous communities grappling with the catastrophic loss of biodiversity. …Many of the province’s mountain caribou, an ecotype of woodland caribou, are imperilled. …Working with biologists, the aim was to shelter the pregnant caribou from predators and then release the mothers and calves when they were old enough to survive in the wild. The bold experiment was a success: many of the calves survived and the move effectively combined the two herds. In the years since, the herd has grown from 36 animals to nearly 135.

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