MP’s claims about the sustainability of biomass are misinformed

Letter by Bruce Heppenstall, Drax Power Station
The Yorkshire Post
December 21, 2022
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: International

UK – The claims made about Drax by Selaine Saxby MP in “Burning Biomass is not Sustainable” (Dec 8) were disappointing. The MP for North Devon has never visited Drax’s operations in Yorkshire or North America, nor has she ever engaged with us to better understand our business. Drax is the UK’s largest generator of reliable, renewable power, providing electricity for four million homes and is critical to UK energy security. Saxby’s claim that forests are “cut down to produce wood pellets” is not true. The forests we source from are harvested for timber, not biomass. When forests are harvested to produce timber, Drax uses the sawdust and other low-grade wood which is left over. …The rest is other wood sawmills cannot use. …Our standards ensure our biomass meets the strict sustainability requirements of the UK, US and Canadian governments, as well as those of the EU.

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