National Forest Week, September 18-24, 2022

Canadian Institute of Forestry
September 7, 2022
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada

Each year National Forest Week (NFW) is celebrated across Canada by many individuals and diverse governmental and non governmental organizations. During NFW, Canadians are invited to learn more about Canada’s forest heritage and to raise awareness about this valuable and renewable resource. Forests are fundamental to our economy, culture, traditions and history – and to our future. Communities, families and individuals depend on forests for their livelihood and way of life.

BC National Forest Week: this is our opportunity to rally the troops, wave the flag, and showcase the high level of professionalism used in managing the forest resources of BC. Objectives of the NFW-BC Coalition: Develop a coordinated approach to a provincial NFW program; Promote local events for the provincial forestry and forest management sectors; Reach out to communities, school children, and citizens; and Develop standard communications and news releases for a provincial-wide application, used by local event organizers.

Annual Tree of Significance nominations open for 2022 (in Discover Moose Jaw): In honour of National Tree Day and National Forest Week, the City of Moose Jaw’s Parks and Recreation Department wants to recognize the local trees of significance. 

Stumped on how to Celebrate National Forest Week? During the week, the City of Mississauga is hosting a variety of public events about Mississauga’s natural heritage system and actions residents can take to protect, enhance and expand our woodlands and urban forest.

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