New B.C. premier must take bold action to tackle the climate emergency

By Alan Andrews, Climate Director, Ecojustice Canada
Victoria Times Colonist
November 7, 2022
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: Canada, Canada West

Alan Andrews

…After a hotly contested race to pick a new leader, the NDP disqualified Anjali Appadurai, who posed a significant challenge to the front runner candidate David Eby, who will succeed John Horgan as premier. …Eby has made more decisive action on climate a key plank of his 100-days plan, has said that he wants climate activists who supported Appadurai to stay in the party, and has promised to redirect fossil fuel subsidies to clean energy projects. But Eby faces an uphill battle to re-establish the NDP’s climate credibility, after Appadurai’s campaign drew unwelcome attention to myriad failures of leadership under his predecessor’s watch. At a minimum, he should ensure B.C. complies with its own climate law. …Eby must also commit to strengthening B.C.’s climate laws. In this respect, the government already has a head start with existing and workable climate legislation, unlike many other provinces in Canada.

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