New provincial advisory council on forestry will have a Quesnel member

By George Henderson
My Cariboo Now
October 18, 2022
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

Bob Simpson

Former Quesnel Mayor Bob Simpson will be part of a new provincial advisory council on forestry. …Simpson said, “it’s not predicated on my position as Mayor, but my background in the forest sector and some of the innovative thinking that was demonstrated in the forest sector … when I was the opposition critic for forestry”. “I think it’s the right framework of looking at resiliency of communities and then going to the land base forest practices … and it’s an interesting eclectic group of people to dig into that topic.” … “Quite frankly I think the BC Forest Sector is stuck in yesterday’s debates, so my hope is we’re looking at the land base issues through the lens of climate change and adaptivity … so that it continues to provide resources that drive the sector, and then more innovative practices with the limited fibre that we can extract from that land base now.”

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