New Zealand Forestry and Wood Processing Industry Transformation Plan

By Stewart Nash, Minister of Forests
The Government of New Zealand
December 1, 2022
Category: Business & Politics
Region: International

Stuart Nash

NEW ZEALAND — The plan sets out the pathway for unlocking the potential of Aotearoa New Zealand’s forestry and wood processing sector to grow our economy, build resilience, drive innovation, and respond to climate change. This plan sets out actions to increase our onshore wood processing capacity and capability, maximising the value of our wood, and driving innovation through developing new industries, products, technologies, and markets – both domestic and international. New Zealand currently exports over 60 percent of harvested wood as logs for other countries to process and add value. In contrast, the 15 percent exported as value-added wood products return over 40 percent of total export revenue. …The plan needs to expand our capability and capacity to process more onshore. …Government is also investing in domestic woody biomass industry. Through building partnerships with Māori, businesses, organisations, and local communities we can keep move… to a high-value, high-tech, low-emissions economy.

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