Nova Scotia Power to burn more biomass to generate “renewable” electricity

By Jennifer Henderson
The Halifax Examiner
September 7, 2022
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: Canada, Canada East

Just when we thought the news on energy prices couldn’t get worse, it does. Nova Scotia plans on burning more biomass to generate “renewable” energy. In its latest update, Nova Scotia Power states it will significantly increase its burning of biomass to generate more “renewable” electricity. The renewable is in quotes because whether it’s an accurate description depends on whether the wood being fed into the boilers has been clearcut or harvested sustainably. …Nova Scotia Power intends to ramp up the use of biomass at boilers located at both Port Hawkesbury Paper and Brooklyn Energy. Biomass will increase to 4% of the total fuel mix in 2023, up from 2% last year. …All of this is upsetting to Ray Plourde, wilderness coordinator with the Ecology Action Centre and a long-time critic of how forestry biomass is used to produce electricity.

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