Nuchatlaht land title case tests province’s UNDRIP promise, but reveals ‘hypocrisy’

By Amy Romer
August 17, 2022
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

March was the start of the trial launched by Nuchatlaht First Nation, which is taking British Columbia to court claiming rights and title over their territory. They’re hoping to regain control of about 200-square-kilometres of the 510-square-kilometre Nootka Island, situated off the west coast of “Vancouver Island.” …It took lawyers forty days to present evidence to Justice Elliot Myers in B.C. Supreme Court between March and May of this year. Defence lawyer Owen Stewart is working with Jack Woodward representing Nuchatlaht First Nation. …closing arguments are set to begin on September 26 and conclude by October 14. A decision is expected to follow in the new year. …Woodward said the Nuchatlaht were forced from their territories through the creation of the reserve system; the imposition of the Forestry Act, which made it illegal to harvest timber and build dwellings; and the imposition of the Parks Act, which made it illegal to cut flowers and harvest berries. 

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