Number of Brazil Amazon fires hits five-year high in August

By Fabiano Maisonnave
The Associated Press
September 1, 2022
Category: Forest Fires
Region: International

BRAZIL — More fires burned in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest this August than in any month in nearly five years, thanks to a surge in illegal deforestation. Satellite sensors detected 33,116 fires according to Brazil’s national space institute. The dry season months of August and September are usually worst for both deforestation and fire. It was also the worst August for fire in 12 years. That includes August of 2019, when images of the burning rainforest shocked the world and drew criticism from European leaders. …The president downplayed the raging fires then and continues to do so today. He told media network Globo on Aug. 22 — the worst single day for outbreaks of fire in 15 years — that the criticism is part of an effort to undermine the nation’s agribusiness sector.

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