Oregonians express mixed feelings about benefits of logging, survey says

By Alex Baumhardt
Oregon Capital Chronicle in the Herald and News
January 4, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US West

More than 40% of Oregon adults say the state’s forests are overlogged, but most also believe that harvesting timber is part of maintaining healthy forests, according to a recent survey. In November, the nonprofit, nonpartisan group Oregon Values and Beliefs Center sent an online survey to residents statewide to learn about their attitudes toward logging and the health of state forests. More than 1,550 people responded. They were asked about their “gut feelings” toward logging in Oregon, and whether it’s occurring too much or not enough. About 43% said they felt logging is occurring way too often or somewhat too often, while more than one-third said that the right amount of logging is occurring in the state. About 20% felt logging was not happening quite enough or definitely not enough. …more than three-quarters of all respondents said that forest management practices, including commercial timber harvests, are important to maintain forest health. 

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