Please dig deeper into protesters’ finances

Letter by Alice Palmer, BSF, MBA, PhD
Richmond News
August 20, 2022
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

Re: “Crown seeks jail time for protester” and “When is breaking the law justified?” News, Aug. 11. Last week’s editorial suggested the protestors at the Richmond courthouse were on trial because they had done “the wrong thing for the right reason.”  I would argue that both the actions and the stated reasons deserve scrutiny. Where did the money come from to purchase the commercially-produced signs held up to the cameras?  Who was paying for the defence lawyers, who in all likelihood had coached their clients in how to elicit the maximum amount of sympathy from the judge? Behind the scenes, there are well-funded organizations encouraging and supporting the protest actions. “Save Old Growth” (SOG) is federally incorporated as non-profit under the name “Eco-Mobilization Canada.” …While the three protesters in court no doubt strongly believe in their cause, their conviction alone does not automatically entitle them to claim their demands are “right.”

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