Prescriptions for more climate friendly forestry

By Nelson Bennett
Business in Vancouver
December 8, 2022
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

Trees both give and take when it comes to carbon dioxide. If forest management is to become one of the tools of nature-based climate solutions, the trick will be to ensure they continue to take more than they give. That doesn’t necessarily mean halting all logging in Canada, according to a new report by the Canadian Council of Academies, Nature-Based Climate Solutions. However, it does suggest changes in the way forests are managed. …The report recommends:

  • For working forests… the elimination or reduction of slash burning.  
  • The use of harvest waste for bioenergy, though it argues against the harvesting of whole live trees in boreal forests.
  • Allowing trees to grow longer and larger before being cut, and harvesting trees as crops with replanting and commercial thinning.
  • Prescribed burning as a way of reducing risks of wildfires.  
  • Increasing stewardship by First Nations, and the sale of carbon credits.

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