Proposal would eliminate Oregon’s new beaver protections in exclusive farm zones

By Mateusz Perkowski
Capital Press
February 8, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US West

SALEM — New restrictions on killing beavers wouldn’t apply in Oregon’s exclusive farm use zones under proposed changes to a landmark timber management law passed last year. The Private Forest Accord, a compromise struck between timber and environmental groups, imposed new logging setbacks along streams and increased protections for beavers, among other provisions. Critics say the new beaver control limits were inadvertently extended to some farmland when the agreement was incorporated into forestry statutes in 2022. The legislation defined forestland too broadly by including trees growing in farm zones, even if they’re not harvested for commercial purposes, said Lauren Poor, vice president of government and legal affairs for the Oregon Farm Bureau. …Tim Miller, who owns 1,000 acres near Siletz, Ore., said the riparian buffers have effectively taken about 20% of his family’s harvestable forestland out of production.

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