Protesters risked the safety of everyone

Letter by Don Flintoff, professional engineer, Richmond, BC
Richmond News
August 21, 2022
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

Re: “When is breaking the law justified?” Editor’s column, Aug. 11. Anyone can break the law, however there may be real consequences. The example of Rosa Parks’ actions and the actions of the Extinction Rebellion are vastly different. Rosa Parks did not create any additional public risk but she was subject to the law of the times. However, the actions of the Extinction Rebellion, by blocking a YVR major intersection, access to the Horseshoe Bay Ferry terminal, and the northbound lane of the Massey Tunnel did create a significant public risk. …I believe that the public’s tolerance for these types of protests has diminished. Who is Eco-Mobilization Canada (Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act)? Do they get grants from the Canadian government for these protests? How is the group financed? A bigger story may lie in the details.

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