Rafe Sunshine and Vicky Husband defend Anthony Britneff in letters to the editor

Letters by Rafe Sunshine and Vicky Husband
Victoria Times Colonist
February 7, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

On the heels of a recent letter by Kit Burke, RPF, that challenged an editorial by Anthony Britneff, today’s Times Colonist has two follow up letters. Rafe Sunshine says, “Our B.C. forest replanting isn’t using the community workers to do the replanting and the tending of the new forests and preserving the biodiversity of the surrounding ecosystem. Only through communities taking on the responsibility for a sustainable yield in their forestlands will B.C. forests thrive.” Vicky Husband, in her letter Radical changes needed in forestry, says, “As a recipient of the Order of Canada for my environmental work, I have long been critical of the perspectives on forestry provided by the Forests Ministry, foresters and the forest industry. Retired forester Anthony Britneff’s perspective resonates with me. He exposes the truth. …We must act now with scrapping the old forest industry and bad management before it is too late.”

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