‘Revolutionary battery’ made from trees can power electric cars

By Anthony Cuthbertson
The Independent
November 5, 2022
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: International

A new type of wood-based battery has the potential to significantly decrease the charge time of electric cars while dramatically improving their environmental sustainability, its creators claim.  The breakthrough centres on a material called lignin, an organic polymer that makes up roughly 30 per cent of all trees.  Researchers at Swedish-Finnish firm Stora Enso, Europe’s largest forestry company, discovered that lignin could be transformed from an unwanted by-product of its paper mill business into a bio-based alternative to graphite anodes found in lithium-ion batteries.   By turning lignin into a hard carbon, the researchers were able to create a low-cost, ultra-efficient anode that they describe as “a revolution” in battery technology.  “Cost wise we will be very competitive but it is the performance that is the most exciting,” Lauri Lehtonen, head of Lignode at Stora Enso, told The Independent.

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