Rewilding Hong Kong: How reintroducing species could help heal our forests and fight climate change

By Michael Boyle and Coşkun Güçlü
Hong Kong Free Press
November 8, 2022
Category: Forestry
Region: International

By Tom Grundy

…For anyone who has walked through a pristine tropical forest in Asia, they may notice something strange about the forest in Hong Kong – it is almost completely silent. The story of why Hong Kong’s forests fell silent is one of industry, colonialism, war, death and rebirth. In the absence of humans the territory would be completely covered in a dense forest teeming with wildlife. While Hong Kong is rightfully proud that over 50 per cent of its land area is wooded and green, people are often surprised to discover that almost all the forest that we see today in Hong Kong did not exist even as recently as 1950. Hong Kong’s forest were removed on an industrial scale to create space for agriculture and to fuel the ceramics industry… This raises the question; should we actively relocate animals from forests in mainland China to rewild the woodlands of Hong Kong?

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