Six Predictions for 2023 Global Forest Industry

By Pete Stewart
Forests2Market Blog
January 9, 2023
Category: Finance & Economics
Region: United States, International

Our top 6 predictions on what to expect in terms of the 2023 global forest industry.

  1. North American lumber prices and demand will drop. Slower housing demand, coupled with abundant lumber supply, will send lumber prices to the $350/MBF range.
  2. Stumpage prices will decline for logs in the US South and increase slightly in the PNW, while pulpwood will remain regionally strong. 
  3. The Inflation Reduction Act will focus investments on renewables, but little will occur besides planning, studies, and the like.
  4. The pulp and paper industry will underestimate or even dismiss the sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) market in the US.
  5. US and European pulp markets will feel the effects of a recession, while Latin America will benefit. The lowest cost producer almost always wins!
  6. The death of forest carbon credits is coming. The world is coming around to the fact that carbon credits, of any kind, are just a license to pollute more. Second, the carbon is stored longer in the finished product.

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