Softwood Lumber Board December Update

Softwood Lumber Board
December 19, 2022
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: United States

As analysts see momentum for mass timber, SLB programs promote opportunities in government and affordable housing:

  • Caroline Dauzat Concludes Successful Term as SLB Chair: Caroline Dauzat, owner of Graceville, Florida-based Rex Lumber, concludes her successful term as SLB Board Chair at the end of 2022. Furman Brodie, VP at Effingham, South Carolina-based Charles Ingram Lumber Co., (on the Board since 2016) will step down at the end of the year . 
  • Market Forecast Stresses Opportunities for Incremental Growth in New Sectors: Reverberations from the pandemic have changed the construction outlook in key market segments, with an impact on long-term lumber demand, according to FEA’s new 2023 softwood lumber markets forecast. 
  • CEO Spotlight: Analysts See Mass Timber Momentum
  • WoodWorks Helps U.S. General Services Administration Explore Wood Solutions
  • Greenhill School Valdes STEM + Innovation Center—Addison, Texas
  • How Mass Timber Can Help Address Affordability

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