Sold as green energy, B.C.’s wood pellet industry under fire

By Justine Hunter
Globe and Mail
October 4, 2022
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: Canada, Canada West

British Columbia has developed a growing market for wood pellets that are sold as renewable bioenergy for thermal power plants abroad, but the province’s largest producer is under fire for cutting down old-growth forests. On Tuesday, the BC Green Party called on the provincial government to suspend the operating licenses of the Drax Group pending an investigation to determine whether the British-based company is utilizing old-growth timber in its pellet mills. BC Green MLA Adam Olsen raised the issue during Question Period, citing BBC reports that Drax was cutting down primary, or old-growth, forests in Canada to power its power plants in Britain. “Does she believe that in 2022, in a worsening climate crisis, burning wood pellets is clean, green energy?” Mr. Olsen asked of Katrine Convoy, the Forests Minister, in the legislature. [We respect the copyrights of the source publication – full access may require a subscription]

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