Something in the water?

By Malone Mullin
CBC News
December 12, 2022
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada East

CORNER BROOK, Newfoundland — The hydro plant’s white walls rise up over the shores of Deer Lake like a fortress, obscuring the large pipes known as penstocks, which suck raw water from the reservoir up the hill and send it downstream, where it makes enough energy to power the paper mill in nearby Corner Brook. The whole operation takes place on private property, but it’s a public water supply: it’s watched over by a large national company, even though the town uses the water from that same reservoir to keep taps flowing in every household. …In the 1980s, Kruger bought the operation and now owns Corner Brook Pulp and Paper, Deer Lake Power, and the water itself….There’s no evidence that there’s anything wrong with water in Deer Lake. …No toxins, no higher rates of illness. But Dewey isn’t convinced.

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