Sunshine Coast Community Forest is working on reducing its wildfire risk

By Jordan Copp
The Coast Reporter
September 4, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

SUNSHINE COAST, BC — The Sunshine Coast Community Forest has established a Wildfire Resiliency Plan in partnership with Frontera Forest Solutions, SCCF announced last month. The three-phase plan focuses on identifying key infrastructure to be protected, as well as reducing excess fuels within the community forest, with opportunities to receive public input. Phase 1 of the project involved fuel management planning using data from the SCRD Community Wildfire Protection Plan and information from the community forest. …This information is used to create a burn model, which will show what sections of the forest are more susceptible to wildfires and will identify key areas within the forest. …Phase 2 is the identification of proposed and prioritized mitigation projects. …Phase 3 of the project is when the proposed mitigation projects will be presented to the public, explaining why these projects are recommended and how they would help reduce risk.

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