Swedish Forest Industries Federation criticizes EU nature restoration law for imbalance and economic risks

The Lesprom Network
June 19, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: International

Viveka Beckeman

EU environment ministers, led by Belgium, narrowly passed the Nature Restoration Law despite uncertainties about Austria’s position, and this law is unbalanced, said the Swedish Forest Industries Federation (SFIF) in a statement. “The law faced sharp criticism and chaotic processes in the EU Parliament and Council. While the goal of restoring nature is good and aligns with SFIF’s Sustainability Roadmap, the legislation has serious flaws,” said Viveka Beckeman, SFIF’s director general. SFIF’s main criticism is that the law doesn’t account for differences between member states, especially in their interpretation of the Habitats Directive and historical land use practices. This oversight risks significant economic impacts from land use restrictions, particularly on forestry. …Beckeman added that implementing the law will be challenging. Member states need to align their habitat assessments and restoration needs and agree on effective measures to balance restoration with other policy goals and reduce negative impacts on society.

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