Taking on California’s First Mass Timber Building

January 31, 2023
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: United States, US West

Mass timber is emerging all across North America. Beyond the benefits of natural materials and visible structures, the capabilities of industrialized offsite construction are beginning to change the model of delivery for an increasing range of buildings. When a California owner-developer proposed the first mass timber building in the state, they chose the experience, scope, and qualifications carefully, and the entire mass timber package was delivered on a train from Quebec, Canada. California joined international code trends acknowledging the performance and safety of mass timber construction types in September of 2022.  …The tragic wildfires in northern California had already introduced a demand for rapid rebuilds, with more fire-resistant construction.  The first Quebec prefab systems to reach the west were less publicized than mass timber, as high-end residential clients looked to the most experienced and custom offsite partners to rebuild towns like Malibu in 2019. 

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