Taking stock of Canada’s forests

By Simply Science
Natural Resources Canada
September 30, 2022
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada

For the first time, new detailed ground plot data on Canada’s forests will be available annually — but what can it tell us about forest resources, biodiversity and the impacts of climate change? Since 2000, the Canadian Forest Service’s National Forest Inventory (NFI) has compiled and managed forest inventory data collected by teams across the country. There are different ways teams can access forest measurements. One is through a network of 1,114 permanent ground plots… Another is through 13,158 remote sensing plots. …Starting this year, for the first time, NFI ground plot data will be released annually. Scientists will no longer have to rely on data released only once a decade. Being able to work with new data every year will help scientists monitor rates of vegetation change, like growth and decay, which can help answer important questions related to sustainable forest management, forest biodiversity and the impacts of climate change.

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