The Combustible Dust Incident Report for Year 2022 is Released

By Chris Cloney, Dust Safety Science
EIN Newswire
November 9, 2023
Category: Health & Safety
Region: Canada, United States

LONDON, Ontario — The latest insights into combustible dust safety, explosions, and  knowledge are covered in detail in The Combustible Dust Incident Report for the Year 2022, as well as a detailed analysis of the materials, industries, and equipment involved. …Wood processing, wood products, agricultural activity, and food production make up a large portion of the overall fire and explosion incidents. Since 2017 wood and wood products have ranged from 19% to 28% of the incidents, while agricultural activity and food production have ranged from 33% to 50%. In 2022, dust collectors demonstrated the highest percentage (24%) of combustible dust incidents with 40 fires and 10 explosions reported. Storage silos and dryers were the next biggest source of incidents, accounting for 21% each. Of the incidents with known equipment, dust collectors had the highest number of injuries and fatalities, followed closely by elevators/conveyors and storage silos. Dryers, which accounted for the highest portion of last year’s injuries, accounted for only four injuries in 2022.

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