The high price of being a Green Canadian

By Stewart Muir, Resource Works Society
Business in Vancouver
May 19, 2023
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: Canada, Canada West

BRITISH COLUMBIA — At the heart of BC’s economic saga unfolds a narrative, the tale of the province’s bold attempt to impose an “output-based pricing system” (OBPS) on greenhouse gasses. …But amid the cheers for such environmental stewardship, a subplot of potential economic turbulence arises. …Visualize a B.C. saw mill, churning out lumber to build homes near and far. For the past 15 years since B.C. became one of the first jurisdictions anywhere in the world to adopt a carbon tax, with a growing bill. Now, imagine a lumber mill in the United States that gets to work free of any carbon-tax yoke. Suddenly, our B.C. lumber mill is the underdog. …An eco-conscious policy, while noble, could inadvertently cause economic fallout. Businesses are so apprehensive that… [they] sent a firmly worded letter to Victoria expressing concern. …Tackling climate change is, undeniably, a worthy cause. Through this, costs to the economy and job market loom large, and warrant careful consideration.

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