The Latest Technology Advances In Low-Carbon Construction Are Promising

By Tommy Linstroth – CEO at Green Badger
February 17, 2023
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: United States

Leaps in technology are making it easier to build structures with fewer negative impacts and potentially reduce climate change, but more must be done to accelerate their widespread use. Increasing attention is on embodied carbon—amounts of CO2 emitted during the production and life cycle of building materials. For commercial buildings, this is primarily the concrete and steel making up the structure and sub-structure, which typically account for more than 50% of the embodied carbon footprint. And studies from NOAA’s Global Monitoring Lab indicate that CO2 alone is responsible for about two-thirds of the total heating influence of all human-produced greenhouse gases. …Fueled by business leaders with the leeway for—even pressure toward—sustainable construction, we may be witnessing a rapid sea-change in innovative green building materials like mass timber and carbon-negative concrete. If supported quickly enough, these tech advancements will provide a significant and positive impact on climate change.

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