The Timber Industry Doesn’t Deserve Its Bad Rap

By Tom Venesky
Lancaster Farming
February 8, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US East

Every day, it seems, we’re warned that so many things produced by farms are bad for our health. …And it’s not just the farm-raised foods we eat that are under attack. Another segment of agriculture — the one responsible for putting a roof over your head — is battling a threatening misconception that could be financially crippling to its progress. You see, there’s a belief among many that it’s a bad thing to cut down a tree and use it for lumber. Timbering is bad for the environment, they say, and therefore it’s bad for us. …But when it comes to managing a forest for timber production, cutting down trees is essential, obviously, and environmentally-speaking it’s beneficial as well. That’s the message the Pennsylvania Hardwoods Development Council wants people to hear… Yet it’s not easy. …At the Farm Show, the council brought out its secret weapon — the Pennsylvania Woodmobile.

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