Timber industry wins appeal to Forest Service for general technical report review

By Alex Portal
Black Hills Pioneer
November 8, 2022
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US West

NORTHERN HILLS — The local timber industry got some welcome news last week when a formal review of the findings from a critical general technical report (GTR) found flaws in the conclusion’s methodology. In February 2021, the Rocky Mountain Research Station in Fort Collins, Colo., issued GTR-422, which forecasted a dire situation in the Black Hills National Forest, which led the U.S. Forest Service to slash its timber sales allotment in the coming years. “We heard the talking point numerous times that the timber resources have been reduced by 50%, ergo you must reduce timber harvest by 50% and (the review) dispels that myth,” explained Ben Wudtke, executive director for the Black Hills Forest Resources Association (BHFRA). … That reduction has already directly affected the timber industry in the Black Hills with the closure of Rushmore Forest Products in Hill City in March 2021.

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